Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beginning

Before starting my year of graduate studies in Mendoza, Argentina, I’m doing a bit of exploring in Colombia and Ecuador with a good friend, Shepard Daniel.

We have only 3 weeks for both countries, so we’re keeping our trajectories limited. In Colombia we’re sticking to the beautiful and vibrant Caribbean coast, and in Ecuador we’ll stay inland and enjoy a few spectacular spots along the Andean Mountains. We’ll experience only a sliver of each country, but in so doing we hope at least to begin to become familiar with the people and customs of these culturally rich and diverse countries.

By mid-March I’ll have arrived in Mendoza, where, among a host of unknowns, I’ll begin graduate studies in Policy and Social Planning at La Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. My time in Mendoza—March to December 2010—will constitute the bulk of this blog, though it will be supplemented, I hope, by travels in and around the region. Your input—comments or criticism, recommendations or random thoughts—are always welcome.


  1. bien hecho Laura! so excited for you!
    saludos desde California!

  2. Hi, Laura. Thanks for leeting me know about the blog. I look forward to reading about your experiences. We had a great arts market yesterday, gorgeous weather, lots of nice people milling around. You were missed!